Someone asked for him to write a sexy story. To whoever that was, thank you, because today I woke up and saw that he had sent me this, and reading it I got all giggly and warm. Enjoy!

The brisk breeze of a cool dawn snapped me awake. Groggily I tried to mentally wash the feeling of red wine out of my sleep crusted eyes. Sleeping on the roof certainly has its advantages, particularly being the warm bear who she wants to cuddle with when she’s chilly.  I reached my arm out, expecting to run my hands across her warm skin and through her soft hair. Instantly my eyes opened as I felt the emptiness of the bed. I sat up, naked except for my sheets looking at an empty pillow and a perfect imprint of her body in the position we had been spooning in last night. Slowly I got out of bed and looked off the edge of the building. It was just before 5am and I was the only person awake in the whole neighborhood. It was getting light, but the whole world was wrapped in silence. I listened to a few roosters off in the distance and to the gentle sweeping sounds as the tide rolled up on the beach just a few hundred feet away. I walked to the door leading downstairs and saw a note written in elegant handwriting,

“I knew you’d miss me. Find me at our favorite spot.”

I slipped some shorts on and quietly exited the houses, still listening to the gentle sounds of the tide. I walked down to the beach and found her sandals neatly tucked away at the far end of the beach. I peered out over the silvery blue surface and squinted. In the distance I noticed a few ripples break the surface and a head bob in an out. I jumped in and started swimming her direction, trying to follow her movements as she disappeared under the water and reappeared. I knew nothing could ever be easy with her and this would turn into one of our little chase games. I emerged from the water looking for her, turning in all directions to only see a still empty ocean. I looked around and suddenly I felt her warm little body press up against my back, her left hand wrapping around my waist and the other around my quickly erecting cock. She started to slowly rub my cock, enjoying the feeling of it growing in her hand as she gently started to kiss my neck and shoulders. We floated in the ocean silently, feeling our naked bodies rub and slowly grind against each other. She knew how to read me, speeding up and slowing down with my whimpers and squirms of my body. I could feel her grin as she pressed her lips to my neck, the thought of which made my cock throb. I could feel her edging me out, making me wait patiently for the orgasm I craved. She ran her hand up along my shaft, twirling her fingers over the pre-cum on my tip and then slowly working down the shaft again to my balls, gently rubbing and massaging them. My body was weak with pleasure and I felt like her little plaything as she enjoyed my body and took advantage of me. She suddenly sped up, the fast, deep strokes made my body shiver with excitement. She nibbled on my neck and ear and whispered,

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